1. Heartship Ladies Tee


    $20 USD

  2. Whiskey Tee


    $18 USD

  3. Redshift – Physical Album

    Compact Disc (CD)

    $10 USD

  4. Seabeast Tee


    Sold Out

  5. Squid Goddess Tee


    Sold Out

  6. Limited Edition Screen Printed Poster


    $15 USD

  7. Logo Car Decal

    $5 USD

  8. Full Color Sticker

    $3 USD


Traverser Orlando, Florida

Since its inception in 2004, Traverser has consistently and relentlessly gained the respect of concert goers and fellow musicians alike, challenging audiences with engaging live performances and creative presentation. Supporting acts like Eye Empire, Karnivool, Helmet, Pop Evil, My Darkest Days, and Taproot, Hurt, Smile Empty Soul and with over 300 shows covering the eastern US since 2011. ... more

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